Collection – Micro blogging in one page

I thought of having one page where I will just put some good thing that I came across .. whether it’s related to technology or not.  It’s may be a good quote .. a good video link .. a good thought .. a good idea .. anything .. which I think I should keep somewhere so that at least I can re-refer it in future.


Jeff Bezos – Regret Minimization Framework


About nurali.techie

Hi, I am Nurali Virani .. A Techie .. :) I am a Java Developer working on Java from 2006 .. and also like .. Open Source, Container Development, Distributed Programming, Parallel Programming, Design Patterns and OOPs .. I would like to keep updating myself by regularly referring to, Attending Conferences, Looking around for GooD implementation, Keeping eyes on different Frameworks-Platform-Technologies .. Cheers .. :)
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