PaaS (Platform As A Service)

Today, I googled PaaS for sometime.  I have never expected that PaaS is quite in light in Computer field.  I have came across lot of things on PaaS (particularly Java PaaS) and I think that PaaS will grow in future.

What is PaaS:

I think all XaaS are self descriptive.  I mean SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.  To run any Software/Application/Product, there are three thing required.  Application, Server/OS, Hardware.

Application is the actual program which will be used by end-user.  If you provide your application as a service means to use your application end-user has to pay something then it’s SaaS.

The next is Server/OS – Being company “ABC”, I want to deploy my web application on server but I don’t want to maintain Application Server, Database, OS on which my web application will run.  In this scenario, I will hire Platform service from one of the PaaS provider.

The last is Hardware, Being company “ABC”, I have my web application and I also have Application Server license.  I just don’t want to invest on Hardware part.  I will go for IaaS provider like Amazon.

Now particularly on PaaS, it’s not only about Application server or OS.  It’s about, I am a developer, I have some idea which I want to implement as my InnovativeApp.  From start of development of InnovativeApp, testing of App, build of App, deployment of App, monitoring of App .. everything I can get from PaaS provider.  In sort, I have my idea and that idea converted to InnovativeApp and user started using it .. everything can be done by service provided by PaaS.

Why PaaS:

Why IaaS – No need to invest on data center and hardware.  Just pay for number of hardware you use for given duration in hours.

Why SaaS – No need to purchase licence of Software. If I want to convert a PDF file to Word, I no need to get licence of my favorite software.  If my favorite software is available as a Service then I can use it by paying in hours basis (or may be number of time I use service basis)

Why PaaS – No need to purchase licence of Application server, Database.  No need to maintain Application Server.  If I have my web application ready, I can just deploy on PaaS.  Now, if number of hits on my web site increase then PaaS will take scalability for my web application.  In terns, I only need to pay in hourly basis.  And tomorrow I plan to shut down my site, I just need to un-registered from PaaS and remove my web application.

PaaS for Java:

There are many PaaS available which support deployment of Java application.  I don’t want to repeat it .. I found some good link for that.

InfoQ : A Java Developer’s Guide to PaaS

InfoQ : SAP’s OSGi-Based Java PaaS Achieves Java Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile Compatibility


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Hi, I am Nurali Virani .. A Techie .. :) I am a Java Developer working on Java from 2006 .. and also like .. Open Source, Container Development, Distributed Programming, Parallel Programming, Design Patterns and OOPs .. I would like to keep updating myself by regularly referring to, Attending Conferences, Looking around for GooD implementation, Keeping eyes on different Frameworks-Platform-Technologies .. Cheers .. :)
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