Attended JUDCon2012:India at Bangalore on 24-25 Jan 2012

Hi Friends,

I attended JBoss Users & Developers Conference 2012 at Bangalore on 24-25 Jan 2012.

Here, I would like to share my expr as well the things I learnt in many different sessions.

All sessions were full of technology talk and delivered very well … I am Happy to be a part of this event.

  • Ceylon – A New JVM language from RedHat:

New language from RedHat .. It’s object oriented and largely influenced by Java .. It tries to eliminates some drawback of Java like .. null keyword, can’t pass func as argu, lack of modularity .. etc

Cyclong seems to be very readable like Java and unlike Scala. Provided Eclipse plugin for IDE support.


Main site link :

Talk on InfoQ, explain why new lang, comparision to Java and Scala and followed by lot of comment with some debate :

  • SwitchYard – NextGen ESB from JBoss:

It’s NextGen ESB from JBoss .. I used JBoss ESB long before but at that time I found it complecated to run hello-world kind of service.  SwitchYard looks more organized, simplified and Easy to understand .. It tries to allow all stuff as indepedent service .. Like if you have jBPM process, SwitchYard helps to make it jBPM process as service which can be consumed independently .. like wise it also support Bean Services, Camel Services, BPM Services, Rules Services and BPEL services.

More can be found at :


I will keep updating the things I learnt and some points on various JBoss Middleware technologies ..

Stay Tuned,



About nurali.techie

Hi, I am Nurali Virani .. A Techie .. :) I am a Java Developer working on Java from 2006 .. and also like .. Open Source, Container Development, Distributed Programming, Parallel Programming, Design Patterns and OOPs .. I would like to keep updating myself by regularly referring to, Attending Conferences, Looking around for GooD implementation, Keeping eyes on different Frameworks-Platform-Technologies .. Cheers .. :)
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